Dispatcher panel:

1. What is dispatcher panel?

Dispatcher panel is an online portal that serves to accept telephone booking, manage service providers and assign trips. The booking operations are handled from dispatch call centers located either at Barabara premises or offshore.

2. Why should a service providers company have a dispatcher panel?

Dispatcher panel serves to manage orders under one roof for a quicker and more efficient service. Recurrent bookings can be automated through dispatcher panel, also providing the alternative to choose between manual or auto dispatch of service providers and thus serving all types of passengers.

3. How many concurrent dispatchers can Service support?

Service providers can handle unlimited number of concurrent dispatchers. It offers a powerful, dynamic and accurate response to each trip request.

4. Can a service providers company block a dispatcher?

Yes. Service providers Companies can block any dispatcher anytime under circumstances like misuse of dispatcher panel, malpractices or any other reason.

5. Can the service provider companies have a backup of the passwords of dispatchers?

Yes. Service provider companies can have a backup of the passwords of dispatchers, that is, service provider companies can change the dispatcher password anytime via the admin panel.

6. What details does a dispatcher have access to in the dispatcher panel?

The admin panel of a service providers company has the option to hide or show specific details to a dispatcher. Generally, a dispatcher of one region will not have access to the details (details of service providers and passengers, and transaction reports) of another region and the same is applied in the Service provider’s solution.

7. What role does a dispatcher play in the service providers booking process?

Dispatchers are an integral part of the company as they hold the responsibility to accept reservations over phone, manage bookings, manage service providers, service providers, payments and reports of a region.

8. How does Google Map assist in the dispatch process?

The Google Map in the dispatcher panel helps dispatchers to locate the passengers and service providers and thus assign service providers with trips accurately and promptly.

9. Can the dispatcher panel be customized to the specifications of the service provider companies?

Yes. The Service provider dispatcher panel can be customized to the specifications of the service provider’s companies.

10. Are the details in the dispatcher panel updated in real time?

Yes. Service providers provides a real time updating of all relevant details of all rides and transactions.

11. How can a dispatcher keep track of all the rides?

The Google Map helps dispatchers to keep track of all the trip details such as the pickup time, travel duration, waiting time, travel route, trip fare, mode of payment and so forth.

12. Does Service providers support Call feature?

Yes. Dispatchers can make calls using the in-built calling feature.

13. How to extract details of a trip, driver or passenger?

Dispatcher panel consists of the search and filter options to save the details of all rides, service providers and passengers by date, name, email id, trip id, status and payment type.

14. How do dispatchers receive their remuneration?

The Dispatcher panel do not handle any activity regarding dispatcher remuneration. Service provider companies can formulate their own norms for the same.